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Council on Aging
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29 North St
PO Box 203
Roxbury, CT 06783
(860) 354-1274
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Bonnie Bradley
01/01/17 - 12/31/20
Rich Burmann
01/01/15 - 12/31/18
Colby H. Kalisher
01/01/15 - 12/31/18
Joanne Logan
01/01/16 - 12/31/19
Susan Stauffacher
01/01/17 - 12/31/20
Jerrilynn Tiso
Municipal Agent
01/01/16 - 12/31/19
The purpose of the Council is to identify and study the needs of Roxbury's senior citizens and endeavor to meet these needs.  This may be through programs to promote the health, well-being, education, welfare, and enjoyment of Roxbury's senior citizens.  The Council on Aging will maintain flexibility as needs change.

Sec. 2-161. Council on Aging
There shall be a Council on Aging to study the needs of and to create, coordinate, and foster programs to promote health, education, welfare, and well-being of the aged of the Town.  Annually, the Council shall elect a Chairman from its members, as well as such other officers as it may from time to time deem necessary.  The Council shall have the power to adopt rules and regulations for the conduct of its meetings.  A majority of the members of the Council shall constitute a quorum and said Council shall hold such regular and special meetings as are necessary to carry out its responsibilities.  No action shall be valid unless authorized by a majority of the members.  The Council shall keep minutes and records of all of its meetings and work.  The Town may make appropriations to cover expenses of the Council.  Specifically the powers and duties shall be as follows: 

1)  To foster understanding, respect, and involvement of the aged in the life of the community;

2)  To encourage participation of the aged in all aspects of community life;

3)  To foster equal access for the aged to Town resources, facilities, and programs through consultation and participation in planning;

4)  To continuously study and analyze the conditions and needs of the aged in the community in relation to housing, economic conditions, employment, health, recreational and other matters;

5)  To coordinate applications for State, Federal, or other grants which would support areas of need that are important to the aged for presentation to the Board of Selectmen for consideration and approval;

6)  To coordinate local agency programs, both public and private, which provide services for the aged for presentation to the Board of Selectmen for consideration and approval;

7)  From time to time or upon the request of the Board of Selectmen, to submit a report of its doings to the Board of Selectmen.

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