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Board of Assessment Appeals
Contact TypeContact Information
William Colbert
29 North St
PO Box 203
Roxbury, CT 06783
(860) 354-2634
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William Colbert
11/17/15 - 11/19/19
James A. Hurlbut
11/21/17 - 11/16/21
Mary Ellen Kimble
11/21/17 - 11/16/21

Real Estate, Personal Property & Supplemental Motor Vehicles
A written appeal to the Board of Assessment Appeals must be received in the Assessor’s office no later than February 20th unless February 20th falls on a non-business day, in which case, the deadline is the last business day before the 20th.  Please complete an “Application for Hearing” for each Real Estate Parcel, Motor Vehicle or personal property account you wish to bring before the Board.

Each application must be completed in full, the questions include:
  • Property Owner
  • Location of Property
  • Appeal representative
  • Mailing Address for representative
  • Reason for Appeal
  • Description of property being appealed
  • Estimated value
  • Owners Authorization (if necessary)
A letter will be sent to the appellant with his or her assigned appointment date and time. Hearings are held in the month of March.  If the owner cannot appear at the given time, an agent can appear on his or her behalf.  An Owner’s Authorization Form must be submitted prior to or at the time of the hearing.

Each hearing is ten minutes long.  Be prepared to present your appeal in this amount of time.  A Decision of your hearing will not be made at this designated time.

The appellant claiming a grievance must provide information necessary to substantiate any adjustment the Board may make in accordance with the law (§12-114).  The Board will respond to your specific concerns and comparisons. Remember you are appealing your value, not your taxes.  

The Board must reveal, in writing, the final decision of the appeal.  This notification will be mailed to the appellant.

If you are not in agreement with the final decision of the Board, you have the right to appeal to the Superior Court.

Motor Vehicles on the Current Grand List
The Board of Assessment Appeals meets once in September to hear these appeals. The date is posted with the Town Clerk.

Detailed information or the motor vehicle itself should be presented to the Board.

The Board must reveal, in writing, the final decision of the appeal. This notification will be mailed to the appellant.

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